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Eggshell Jesmonite Workshop

Eggshells are one of the most commonly discarded food wastes around the world, but their calcium-rich properties make them an excellent additive in many activities such as gardening and pottery. Learn how to repurpose eggshells into a one-of-a-kind craft item that you can personalize in this workshop.

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Workshop Details
Cost per participant: $50
Duration: 60 mins 
Min. number of participant: 10 pax

The end product is an environmentally friendly ceramic like material.

Bring home 2 personalized coasters and/or keychains, earrings and more.

Note* There will be a waiting time of 30mins-45mins after the activity for the mixture to dry and set before participants can bring home their crafts on the day of event.

1 Pasir Ris Close, Singapore 519599

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